10 steps to sorting out your pension

Step 1 of 10 step pensions

Confused about pensions?  Well you have come to the right place. Yes, it’s #10steppensions time! 10 interesting and useful bits of info which could help you sort your pension right out (Note: No individual financial advice is given so this is just education not personal advice!)
As well as posting blogs on this site, I’m also posting video blogs on Instagram where you can ask questions and make comments – nice ones only please (find me at @mdv76).  So, here we go…(links will become live as they are published).

STEP 1. What on earth is a pension?; Ah, the State PensionGold Plated PensionsWhat’s a Personal Pension?

STEP 2. Is a Workplace Pension worth it?

STEP 3. Is a pension worth paying into?

STEP 4. How can you join a pension?

STEP 5. What happens to your money when you pay into a pension?

STEP 6. How to keep track of your money.

STEP 7. How to get your money out of a pension?

STEP 8. What happens to your pension if you change jobs?

STEP 9. Who are these companies that say they can get your money out of a pension early and should you do this?

STEP 10. Why is the state pension age going up?

Let us know if there is anything else you want me to cover!