Why moving to Master Trust makes sense

Last week saw the news that 1 in 3 trust-based defined contribution arrangements expect to transfer members to a Master Trust in the next 5 years. Only 1 in 3 was my initial thought, given the positive experience I’ve had taking a client through this process over the past few months.  Whilst change is often … Continued


How we went from Boardroom to Breakfast Bar…

An interview with Margaret de Valois and Simon Marshall In advance of our course on 11 Feb, aimed at professionals considering taking the leap to working for themselves, Simon and I caught up to share our experience moving from Boardroom to Breakfast Bar… Why did you set up your own business? MdV: I had slowly … Continued

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It’s official: humans have nine lives too

A report which was just published by life insurance experts LifeSearch has confirmed something that I have long suspected: people have nine lives too. The findings The LifeSearch report, which was run in conjunction with CensusWide*, found that: On average, British people will “reinvent” themselves nine times over the course of their adult lives, expecting … Continued


What will 2020 hold for pensions?

Happy New Year! 2020, which I can’t help thinking should be called the “Year of the Cricket”, marks the start of many great things – one being that the Brexit backlog may well be coming to an end. With a general election behind us and the UK set to leave the EU in a few … Continued

New year, new you?

Join me and Simon Marshall from TBD Marketing on 11 February at the beautiful Hotel du Vin, Exeter for a full day workshop for professionals keen to explore how to make the shift from being in a large corporation to setting up independently. To find out more and sign up, click here

If you voted, well done! So what’s changed?

So, we had another election.  Well done.  You voted.  What changed? On one level lots, in terms of removing future uncertainty about Brexit, good or bad whatever your thoughts.  But on another level – and I’m talking pensions here – not much, which is good. The manifestos threatened lots of things, most strikingly from two opposition parties offering to … Continued

Growth in your business

Pensions – just the tip of the business growth iceberg!

I have spent a lot of my time over the past 23 years looking at how to help businesses grow and get better, primarily through changes to their pension strategies.  Fixing pensions can have a huge impact on a business’s profits, particularly where Defined Benefit schemes are involved. However I’ve always been aware that pensions … Continued

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Queen’s speech – some progress on pensions

What did the Queen’s speech contain on pensions? Today, in the Queen’s speech, a range of new rules and powers were outlined which are likely to be of interest to all individuals and many employers. Thankfully, pensions scammers are being put further on the back foot with a commitment from the Government: “To protect people … Continued