Why I think the WASPI women were wrong…

  The headlines have been pretty stark this week after a High Court ruling on women’s retirement age: “Women not entitled to pension age change compensation” “State pension age changes: Women lose landmark judicial review” And “How Waspi Women faced pensions sting”   My firm view is that the court got it right.   The … Continued

What is Auto-Enrolment?

What is Auto-Enrolment? Auto-Enrolment means that employers have to, automatically, add eligible employees to a Workplace Pension. If you don’t think you’ve been added to your employer’s pension scheme but you are entitled to a Workplace Pension, then you should ask your employer about this. See also Who is entitled to a Workplace Pension?

Who is entitled to a Workplace Pension?

Who is entitled to a Workplace Pension? Anyone who is over 22 years old and under state pension age, and earns at least £10,000 a year, working mainly in the UK. If you are working, the odds are that you will be entitled to a Workplace Pension as this includes the vast majority of adults … Continued

When can I take my pension?

When can I take my Workplace Pension?

When can I take my Workplace Pension? For most people, you will be able to take your pension once you reach age 55. However, this will depend on the rules of the pension you are in. There are also circumstances where you may be able to take your pension earlier than age 55. For example … Continued

Can I opt out of my Workplace Pension?

Can I opt of out my Workplace Pension? Yes, you can choose to opt out of your Workplace Pension, and can do this by letting the pension company know. If you don’t know which company this is, then ask your employer and they will give you the details. If you decide to opt out of … Continued


What is a Workplace Pension?

What are workplace pensions? People often use the phrase Workplace Pension (ie having your employer provide you with a pension) in conjunction with auto-enrolment (having your employer automatically add you to their Workplace Pension). A Workplace Pension is a tax efficient way of saving for your retirement (or your later years) that is arranged by … Continued

Tidy desk, tidy mind, conflict-free FD

The conflict-free FD – how does it feel to be free?

The conflict-free FD Have you ever escaped from a city to the countryside? If so, you might have experienced that moment, two or three nights’ in when you wake in the middle of the night, alert and wondering what’s wrong. It’s the lack of background noise. No sirens, traffic horns or people shouting on the … Continued

Desktop dashboards

Dashboards – what’s your strategy?

It felt good to hear the confirmation of the Government’s backing for dashboards announced by Amber Rudd yesterday. I’ve long been an advocate for advancing our industry and the customer experience of it by using technology. In a nutshell, when they become reality, dashboards are going to empower people to make better decisions around their … Continued

What is a workplace pension?

What is the Workplace Pension – and is it worth it?

What is the workplace pension? The Workplace Pension. Sounds quite scary but it is actually quite simple. Your employer will set it up for you and it is, simply, a tax efficient savings account which you can access in your 50’s, under current legislation. There are rules about the minimum you pay in, and the … Continued

Step 1 of 10 step pensions

What is a personal pension?

What are personal pensions? Personal Pensions are, like the Workplace Pension, quite simple and anyone can set one up.  There are no age limits, even children can pay into a Personal Pension, and they are simply a tax efficient savings account. Personal Pensions are normally run by insurance companies and you will need to shop … Continued