It’s always nice to attend a client’s governance meeting when markets are up


It’s always nice to attend a client’s governance meeting when markets are up.  Not only is the meeting shorter (less questions about good investment news than bad) but the meeting normally has that lovely upbeat feel that rarely happens in financial services – honestly I know – I joined an investment bank as a Client Service Director at the tail end of 2008, so bad news was my bread and butter!

On top of good investment returns we had an update from our very shiny new provider – we are replacing our original workplace pension provider with a new one following a market review last year.  So, all in all, a very nice way to return to consultancy and to chairing my first Independent Governance Committee after having the twins.

Equally lovely was the fact that my client was running member presentations on pensions today – run by the very shiny new provider – and I got to attend!  Hooray, as this is my favourite part of working in pensions…meeting the members.

And there was even more to be cheery about – on top of the good investment returns.

1. We had fab attendance – with some members coming from off-site in other parts of Cornwall to hear about the latest developments in workplace pension pensions.

2. Members were taking notes.  This means they were listening.  This means they were engaged with the content and genuinely interested in pensions! Hats off to my client’s super HR team for sorting this out.

3. We had some really intelligent, thought out questions.  So I don’t mean “What is a pension” but “What skills should I be looking for in an independent advisor if I was interested in transferring out of my final salary scheme”. This shows that people are engaged with pensions, have thought about them and came to the presentation prepared, looking for some answers.

4. And finally, shiny new provider did a really great, engaging talk about our scheme and their platform and so provided a really interesting and value-added hour out of my client’s employees’ day.  Seriously, this should not be underestimated as a few years ago the “pensions talk” really was the graveyard shift.

So, it’s been a great day!

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