Making change happen – why it’s the small things that count!


It goes without saying that I hope everyone reading this in the UK has either already voted or plans to vote later today. Sometimes it’s tempting to think that your own contribution to a large project will not have an impact, so why bother trying? In the law of averages, your own little daily efforts may be small when compared to the larger end goal, however it all plays a part.

I spend most of my time helping companies change things. This might be changing a pension scheme or changing a marketing strategy with a view to growing sales. Conversations often start with clients talking about a dream, sometimes something that can feel unachievable. However, I strongly believe that by planning well, and with everyone in the team consistently doing small things every day, large changes can happen, and dreams can come true.

So, whatever your dream for UK politics, even if you’re living in a super safe seat area you would rather see defeated, a reduced majority result in this election will give a larger chance of change next time. So please do your bit today and vote. It’s moving things in the right direction.