Growth in your business

Pensions – just the tip of the business growth iceberg!

I have spent a lot of my time over the past 23 years looking at how to help businesses grow and get better, primarily through changes to their pension strategies.  Fixing pensions can have a huge impact on a business’s profits, particularly where Defined Benefit schemes are involved. However I’ve always been aware that pensions … Continued

A dashboard

Queen’s speech – some progress on pensions

What did the Queen’s speech contain on pensions? Today, in the Queen’s speech, a range of new rules and powers were outlined which are likely to be of interest to all individuals and many employers. Thankfully, pensions scammers are being put further on the back foot with a commitment from the Government: “To protect people … Continued

Leaving the trustee body

Disembarkation – How do you leave your organisation’s trustee body?

In my last couple of blog posts (see here and here), I’ve talked about why a non-conflicted, pension governance structure can work well for a pension scheme sponsor.  We’ve also established that there are some key advantages, as a business owner or FD, to evicting yourself completely from your organisation’s trustee body. This might not be for everyone, and so … Continued


What is a Workplace Pension?

What are workplace pensions? People often use the phrase Workplace Pension (ie having your employer provide you with a pension) in conjunction with auto-enrolment (having your employer automatically add you to their Workplace Pension). A Workplace Pension is a tax efficient way of saving for your retirement (or your later years) that is arranged by … Continued

Tidy desk, tidy mind, conflict-free FD

The conflict-free FD – how does it feel to be free?

The conflict-free FD Have you ever escaped from a city to the countryside? If so, you might have experienced that moment, two or three nights’ in when you wake in the middle of the night, alert and wondering what’s wrong. It’s the lack of background noise. No sirens, traffic horns or people shouting on the … Continued

Influential sponsor

The Independent, Influential Sponsor

In amongst client work and the various networking events I attended last week, I had an interesting conversation with a finance director of a family owned business who, in my mind, has managed to get themselves into a very nice, independent but influential position with regards their final salary pension scheme. Quite often, I find … Continued

Desktop dashboards

Dashboards – what’s your strategy?

It felt good to hear the confirmation of the Government’s backing for dashboards announced by Amber Rudd yesterday. I’ve long been an advocate for advancing our industry and the customer experience of it by using technology. In a nutshell, when they become reality, dashboards are going to empower people to make better decisions around their … Continued

What is a workplace pension?

What is the Workplace Pension – and is it worth it?

What is the workplace pension? The Workplace Pension. Sounds quite scary but it is actually quite simple. Your employer will set it up for you and it is, simply, a tax efficient savings account which you can access in your 50’s, under current legislation. There are rules about the minimum you pay in, and the … Continued

Step 1 of 10 step pensions

What is a personal pension?

What are personal pensions? Personal Pensions are, like the Workplace Pension, quite simple and anyone can set one up.  There are no age limits, even children can pay into a Personal Pension, and they are simply a tax efficient savings account. Personal Pensions are normally run by insurance companies and you will need to shop … Continued

Step 2 of 10 step pensions

So what is the Workplace Pension all about?

Workplace Pensions are actually quite simple and they apply to you if you are employed, are between certain ages (currently 22 and State Pension Age) and earn above a certain amount of money (currently £10,000 for the 17/18 tax year). Every time you pay into a pension, so does your employer, and so does the Government … Continued