Media archive

Broadcast media

  • BBC 2, “Daily Politics”, June 2013

…Pensions are for young people too. 

…on companies key risks with final salary pension schemes

…on use of social media

Books and magazines

“The History of Mathematical Tables – From Sumer to Spreadsheet”, Oxford University Press, 2003. Co-Authored. Available here.   To purchase a copy visit here.

“The Actuary” Magazine; Editor and contributor: 2006-2008.  

“Accountancy Age” magazine; …on accounting standards for pension schemes

“Pensions Week“ ; …on how binge drinking can impact pension costs)

“Insight Out” magazine …on investment strategy for pensions

“Professional Pensions”; …on tax limits on individuals pensions.

“The Guardian” …on expert women in the media 

Public speaking

PMI Spring Conference, Panel host (March 2013)

Actuarial Professions Risk and Investment Conference, Co-chair, (June 2012)

LDI Europe, Co-host, Amsterdam, (March 2012)

CPI/RPI Sessional Meeting, Institute of Actuaries, Panel host, (October 2012)

Asset backed funding for pension schemes, Institute of Actuaries, Panel host (March 2012)

Good governance for Pension Schemes, Institute of Actuaries Pensions Conference, Speaker (2012)